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a famous japanese cigarette brand

that is not so popular in states
however is really popular in many of the asian countries.

in my personal opinion, it is one of the best cigarettes out there.

there are mild seven super lights, lights, original
Oi mate, u might wanna pop that one mild seven out for me cuz i am in serious need of good fags(cigarettes, stalks, smokes)

Dude, u want those mild sevens, not those cheap winstons.
by jwoolee February 02, 2007
1 japanese brand of cigarettes
2 an individual of somewhat strange talents and intelect, often confused.
3 misunderstood sensei like figure, usually calm under most stresses but always has something guiding to say, cryptic or straightforward, depending on the situation
1. marlboro? isnt your usual brand mildseven?

2/3. was feeling really down but i called mildseven and he showed me what was real in my life.
by mildseven August 16, 2005

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