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A long-distance girlfriend who visits on an annual basis.
Person 1: I hear your migratory bird is coming back this week?
Person 2: Yeah, she's returning to her home ground for the mating season
by DrHerpDerpington September 26, 2011
a man looking for another man to have sex with.
did u c da migratory bird ?
by warfrud zenwa May 23, 2008
A flock of young women from 'op North' who have migrated south, often for educational purposes and can often be observed squawking around bars in the middle of winter wearing little or no observable clothing.
I'm glad I wore my hat, coat and scarf tonight - it must be minus 5 out. Have you seen the flock of migratory birds flapping around the Oracle riverside? I don't know how they survive!
by lethalonion December 07, 2010
a man who is searching for another man to have sex with.
anthony is a migratory bird(just joking u kno im joking, right?)
by warfrud zenwa May 23, 2008

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