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quiet little skirt lifter- most likely to be sniffing mots bicycle seats or peddling his junk to youngfellas half his age.
jaysus, that rat's a miggy.

miggy, come in for your dinner!
by habib costcutter April 18, 2011
15 13

An awkward Mexican with malicious intent.
There is a Miggy cleaning the toilets.
by Masterhoy December 11, 2009
209 48
Short for Miguelo, in Spanish meaning 'God like'. If your handle in Counter-Strike is Miggy, you are very leet, often getting the mp3s such as 'God like' and 'Unstoppable' played, and you're likely Filipino. This God like Miggy is not only as such in gaming, but in real life as well.
Wow, even playing with something as expensive as 56K, you're still Miggy!
by Garl July 30, 2006
103 58
Totally spasticated.
Wearing a raincoat with the hood sticking up inside out,
you fuckin' miggy
by Japers August 20, 2006
27 66
Slang term for the North Manchester town Middleton. Usually employed by a stiggo.
"So where are going tonight then Daz?" "I'm goin down Miggy yer nobhead"
by Major Wilde's January 30, 2008
8 60
miggy is also the name of a vagina
"Wow, that miggy is rather hairy. It could do with a brazilian wax!"
by Becki September 13, 2004
28 84
A miggy is a big 8ft sausage which has no penis.
by WARDY!!! NOT RAB!!! April 30, 2003
14 75