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Brenda: Dude, facebook chat is a MIFO.
Melina: I know right?
by thethingamajigger July 23, 2010
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An acronym of M I F O S which stands for Maybe I Am Full Of Shit. It is usually attached to the end of an online post as away of indicating that whilst you currently believe what you are saying you are entirely open, in light of new or better evidence to accept that your argument / comment is invalid

MIFOS is used to prevent potential flame wars and online arguments as it removes the emphatic certainty of the poster and acts as a way of saying that you may be wrong
I still think Jesus was just a very very extraordinary man and not the son of God but MIFOS

I still think Jesus was the son of God and not just an extraordinary man but MIFOS

I personally think ghosts don't exist and would like to see good evidence to make me think otherwise but hey MIFOS

I say evolution is just a theory MIFOS
by Presticogitator August 20, 2011
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Sorry I bailed last night bro, I gotta booty call from the Mifo.
by busaboy757 October 13, 2011
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