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an alternative school where high school students take college classes at the same time. you must apply to get in.

you can graduate high school with your aa degree but usually dont due to a crappy administration.

but because the school is so small:
2. no one can keep a secret

also, the college kids usually hate you when they find out that you are mchs.
Everyone is leaving Middle College because of Ms. Smith.

College guy not knowing you are mchs: Those damn Middle College kids are always around the campus.
Middle College kid: Hehe. Yeah, TOTALLY. Stupid kids...
by coolest kid in class of 2010! August 28, 2008
an alternative high school filled with asshole kids that got kicked out of their home districts because of drugs or being bitchy.
"I just bought some pot from a kid at the Chester County Middle College"
by bmiz October 10, 2006
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