really good, golden
That girls midas son
by luke December 23, 2002
Top Definition
Someone who brings good things where ever they go. Based off of the story of King Midas who couldn't touch anything without it turning into gold.
Stick with Gregg, he's got the Midas touch
by Gregory J. dodd May 25, 2004
Colloquial shortening for "Might as well". Nothing better to do.
by toteswayheapsawes December 08, 2010
The act of stealing a lighter.
"Do you have a light?"
"Shit, I got midased yesterday"
by Matonster October 01, 2014
Guida (See def.)
shit,joe banach is mida
by Mida Man TT April 09, 2003
joe banach
joe banach is quite mida
by Casey Shorts April 09, 2003

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