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Michael Jackson was one of the most gifted performing artists in history. His opus is that of an American original of unsurpassed musical genius and spans songwriting and recording to original choreography, film, iconography, and of course, virtuosity of performance. His creative gifts were so varied and prolific that the world has only lately learned of his additional skill in the studio arts of painting and drawing. In terms of brilliant innovation that defined but was not statically bound to an era, his art’s impact on our culture and the work of other artists makes for an extraordinary story.
Yeah, it’s true: Michael Jackson is all that.
by ArteFact December 10, 2012
503 40
the king of pop. He is also a member of the rock and roll hall of fame.
michael jackson is the king of pop, he is your favorite singers favorite singer.
by hey guys hey guys July 30, 2009
151 366
The King of Pop!
The greatest performer alive!
A sweet Christ-like person!
Michael Jackson is number 1!
by A gil January 15, 2008
161 378
When Peter Pan becomes the King of Pop and inspires billions of people around the world.
Michael Jackson will never die
by Synther January 10, 2011
132 359
King of pop, highly talented entertainer. An artist who has sold more records worldwide than anyone else in history. Found not guilty of child molestation charges on June 13th 2005. Best singer/dancer of our generation, and maybe even the whole 20th and 21st centuries
Damn did you see Michael Jackson moonwalking? That ish was hot as hell!

"Yo I was blazin Billie Jean last night, that ish is still tight"
205 434
Synonym for Jesus Christ, the Holy One. The greatest damn musical genius in the history of the universe. Owner of the biggest heart to have ever beaten in the history of mankind.
I was a veteran, before I was a teenager.
-Michael Jackson
by rice n peaz March 11, 2006
202 435
The greatest entertainer of all time. Hes has a huge impact on the not just the music industry, but people in general. Michael Joseph Jackson is untouchable. His talent is incredible and i respect him for what he has done for charity and his fans. Thank you Michael Jackson for showing us that that we have a chance in life regardless of race, and i genuinely ask that you forgive the haters and people that have taken your magic for granted.
boy: I can't believe that the king of pop is dead and their are still people out there that have the nerve to talk crap about him.

girl: people can say what they want. it doesn't change the simple fact that michael jackson had a heart of gold and was an overall beautiful person. may he rest in peace.
by blacknproudxoxo August 27, 2009
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One of the greatest intertaners of all time. truly the king of pop.without him there would be no pop culture.
person1= dude why you dancing?
person2=cuase it entertaines people.
person1= you are so michael jackson
person2- THANK YOU!!!!
by Cornholiox5 July 01, 2009
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