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When you don't have enough time for a shower and you just use deoderant to cover the smell.
Daniel: Man i as in such a hurry this morning so i just had a Mexican shower
by Icle Spillane November 13, 2009
When someone is so lazy they cant stand the thought of even a 5 minute shower, they will spray their can of Pheonix Axe over themselves for a period of time.
WE GOTTA LEAVE IN 5 MINUTES?! Shit..i'll just take a mexican shower * proceeds to spray axe over body for 7 seconds *
by MUNER ACT November 12, 2009
The use of sample and non-sample colognes, deodorants, and\or body sprays without intention of purchasing the product, either to freshen up or cover up body odor caused by a general lack of hygiene.
Pedro had little time to get from one of his jobs to another, so he often stopped at the local pharmacy for a Mexican Shower.
by donjuantriumphant March 15, 2010
To get about five day laborers or just five Mexicans and have them get in a circle with you in the middle, then they circle jerk on your face.
Dude, my family just had a Mexican shower on my sister.
by the shower god February 14, 2014
to change your shirt and put on a grip of cologne
ah shit! i have to be ready in 2 min i better take a mexican shower
by oh poopy May 27, 2011
When in a rush in the morning and you dont have time to have a real shower, you just spray on some deodorant
"I didn't have time to have a shower when i left Tara's this morning, so i grabbed a quick "mexican Shower" until i get home.
by the lostprophet April 08, 2011
A splash of Brut and a new T-shirt.
When one doesn't have enough time to shower before going to Wal-Mart they take a mexican shower.
by bucketnuts April 21, 2010