Alternate to traditional shower. Spraying some air freshener vertically over your head and letting the mist fall on your body/clothes for quick, easy and cheap oder destruction.
Drew rolled out of bed realizing he was late for class, and grabbed the fabreez for a quick mexican shower.
by the D. November 19, 2009
When someone is so lazy they cant stand the thought of even a 5 minute shower, they will spray their can of Pheonix Axe over themselves for a period of time.
WE GOTTA LEAVE IN 5 MINUTES?! Shit..i'll just take a mexican shower * proceeds to spray axe over body for 7 seconds *
by MUNER ACT November 12, 2009
A splash of Brut and a new T-shirt.
When one doesn't have enough time to shower before going to Wal-Mart they take a mexican shower.
by bucketnuts April 21, 2010
The use of sample and non-sample colognes, deodorants, and\or body sprays without intention of purchasing the product, either to freshen up or cover up body odor caused by a general lack of hygiene.
Pedro had little time to get from one of his jobs to another, so he often stopped at the local pharmacy for a Mexican Shower.
by donjuantriumphant March 15, 2010
Running sink water through your hair, often leaving it undryed.
Connor: Carson go take a shower

*Carson comes back after taking Mexican Shower*

Connor: Dude, all you did was put water in you're hair

Carson: It looks good and it's clean

Connor: No it's not, it makes everyone hate you
by D3Football December 30, 2013
When a person, usually male, bathes heavily in cologne and body spray to make up for bad odor due to lack of proper hygiene.

Most commonly done by people of Mexican, or Puerto Rican descent.
"I can smell Ricardo's cologne from here"

"He took a mexican shower before we came to Taco Bell..."
by The guy who has to sit by you October 25, 2011
to change your shirt and put on a grip of cologne
ah shit! i have to be ready in 2 min i better take a mexican shower
by oh poopy May 27, 2011
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