A sound made by geeks using the Internet, in a similar manner to how the cartoon character Road Runner says 'beep!'

Mewp, Mewp!
by Bloopy April 09, 2005
-Verb-The act of talking on a cellphone and loosing reception causing the phone to make a distorted sound known as a Mewp.
Angry man Eric was cussing out alex on the phone when suddenly he errupted in akward mewp, which resulted in a eruption of laughter among the three boys in the car.
by keyjun March 10, 2009
verb: to throw up in one's own mouth.
"When I saw that fat bitch wearing white yoga pants, I totally mewped up my bagel and coffee."
by van_ailwood September 07, 2013
A guy that possesses a minature sized penis in both length and girth.
Man, that guy Justin is such a mewp.
by LauraJordan August 22, 2007

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