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the name of the broken down ice cream truck that the crazy homeless guy lives and does meth
Dude I was walkking by the the bus stop and I saw that crazy homeless guy by the meth mobile yelling at the pictures of ice cream
by OzzdaWozz March 09, 2008
A flat black 1984 Ford F-150 owned by "woody" with 35" tires that roll the mean streets of North West Arkansas. This vehicle is often seen with a Chain saw sheathed between the toolbox and the bed.
Big Red: "what the fuck is that horribly loud sound?"

Lil' Red: (while looking at the security camera in the living room) "It seems to be a large military assault vehicle in need of some restoration."
Big Red: "Dude! Grab my weights, that looks like woody's meth mobile."
Lil Red: (Grabbing them with "the claw".) "Where'd the AAA's go?!?!?!?"
by Lil Red. (feat. Woody) April 30, 2009