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Usually someone that is new to metal that knows of and listens only to the music of Metallica, considering them heaviest, best, fastest music on the planet. They also somehow get the idea that they have dominant musical knowledge of everyone else in the room because of this. Metallica noobs are known to constantly complain about how Metallica sold out with The Black Album. They also use "death metal," "black metal," and "thrash metal" interchangeably (despite their vast differences) when describing bands other than Metallica, then claim that they "don't give a fuck about genres" when they are corrected by real metal fans. Most of these kids probably listen to Slipknot.
Metallica Noob: Metallica is the best metal band ever d00d! Master of Puppets is the greatest album ever! It's so heavy and fast! Dave Mustaine is gay! Rock on!

Me: Metallica's a great band, but thrash is just one type of metal that will eventually start to get old. You should check out some death metal like Cannibal Corpse or Bloodbath. It's not quite fast but a little bit heavier. Or maybe even some 90's black metal like Dissection. And I happen to like Megadeth, bitch.

MN: Shut up, poser. You don't know anything about metal.
by Naakrath February 09, 2007
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