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Merry Pranksters were the shit! They tripped on acid all day long, smoked weed, did riddies, and speed. They drove around in a sweet bus that said "furthur" on the front. They were the trippiest, kewlest, most intellectual mother fuckers you could ever imagine meeting. They are inspiring and full of life...really full of life. The real life, not the life people assume is real.
"That baby sees the world with a completeness that you and I will never know again. His doors of perception have not yet been closed. He still experiences the moment he lives in. The inevitable bullshit hasn't constipated his cerebral cortex yet. He still sees the world as it really is, while we sit here, left with only a dim historical version of its manufactured for us by words and official bullshit, and so on and so forth."

~That is a quote from one of the Merry Pranksters.
by Feeling the Moment November 07, 2007
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