Seperated= Man Period. The time of the month when a male feels on edge, moody, or indeed angry at everything for no apparent reason. Often called 'Maneriod' instead.
Jeeze he seems moody... guess he's on his Meriod
Leave me alone! I'm on my Meriod
by JacBev333 December 13, 2009
Top Definition
When a man is moody and irritable he's on his man-period or meriod.
"Jeff is so moody this week! He must me on his meriod!!"
by MichelleP July 18, 2005
when a guy gets really mood swingy, like when girls are on their period
period = man+period
brady: regan is awfully bitchy lately
kylie:yeah he must be on his meriod
by kdav19 November 29, 2009
A male verison of a menstrual cycle or a meriod (which females wish existed )As in, their sperm gets expired evey 20-40 days (depending on their cycle). The sperm comes out of their penishole with blood mixed in. They can wear pads and TT (tiny tampons). Their penis hole expands to let out all the sperm, and as this happens they have major testical cramps. Some of these are worse than female menstrual cycle cramps. Males can tell as to when they are about to have their meriod, their testicals grow large and tender. Their mood becomes very grumpy, and rude. So I would advise you to stay away from males when they're on their meriod, keep in mind females that they have it worse than you! When they're on their meriod,their testicals get smaller from all of the sperm lost and they do not experience erections at this time period. After their menstrual cycle (which can last 7-10 days on average) their testicals rapidly reproduce sperm. At this point they feel very sexually aroused and "turned on" by almost anything. Yes that does mean Amanda Bynes gets a boner.
Guy- "Uh, I'm on my meriod Jenny!"
Jenny- "Okay then......"
by thatbackfliptho April 09, 2014
a man period. when a man is acting like a bitch, it could be said he is on his period.
will is really acting like a fag lately. ya he's on his meriod.
by larry l3g3nd April 07, 2007
The male equivalent of a period, followed by mood swings, irritability and headaches
Dude: Just fucking SHUT UP!

Dude: I'm sorry
Dude 2: What's his prob
Dude 3: He;s on his Meriod
by Pseudonym3456 March 27, 2015
A meriod is a man period but a lot of people experience it not just men. There are 100 steps to "overcome" this.
"Bob is on his meriod today."
by The Anonymous Anonymous February 25, 2015
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