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Play: Oh, and one more thing we're dying to know... what is Mepsipax?

Chris: laughs Pepsi Max. Actually, it's an in-joke at Rare. There's a guy that works here in R&D with a beard.. a big, massive beard... and Tim's nickname for him is Beardy; no, everyone's nickname for him is Beardy, and he sort of became the origin of Birdy, and he speaks exactly like Birdy speaks, and he drinks a lot of Pepsi Max, like 15 gallons a day... So we couldn't ise Pepsi Max, so we used Mepsipax. So, it was just me taking a piss out of somebody I work with.

Play: The mystery is solved.
by Com.For. February 27, 2005
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A device scarecrows want in exchange for manuals.
Used for scaring biiirdies. And providing countless hours of free entertainment.
Scarecrow "You want manual?"
Conker "Sure. How much?"
Scarecrow "Uhh. Got any Mepsipax?"
Conker "What?"
Scarecrow "Never mind. Um, well actually, um, eh, uh, er, 10, er, 10 dollars. You love manual long time, 10 dollars."
by Rusty Shackleford January 18, 2005
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