// meh-PIH-fill-uhs

most often utilized in place of an adjective or adverb; 'mepiphilous' is used to fill either a linguistic void (ie: no appropriate word exists to fill the role of adverb or adjective or words DO exist but tend to convolute rather than inform) or a mnemonic void (ie: there is a word but the speaker/writer is unable to retrieve that word for effective in conversation or writing.)

*'mepiphilous' CAN be used in varying contexts throughout the course of a singular conversation without penalty; furthermore, continued usage in disparate contexts over the course of multiple conversations can act as a lever for social awkwardness or entertainment (you watch while a person looks confused and nods--even after many exposures to the word--in order to avoid having to feel like and idiot after asking "what does meh-PIH-fi-whatever mean?")
after the Great Accident, alvin had to treat his mepiphilated p.coccyx with tender care.

a mepiphilous death: in a downtown detroit gunfight evin fires two shots at jared; one gores jared's head and the other pierces his hand, tightening his flexor tendon, which discharges his own pistol. the bullet from jared's gun flies in a willy-nilly trajectory away from his prostrating body and ruptures john's (new entity) undiscovered atheromatous plaque which causes a stroke and a heart attack simultaneously. he dies not from a bullet wound but from his preexisting medical condition, though provoked by a haphazard chain-of-events.

eddie, a vending machine technician, is ordered by his supervisor to clean the interior of a soda machine x with gasoline; he takes all standard primary and ancillary precautions to prevent explosion. midway through the process a rat scatters out from beneath the machine, into an open-flame propane heater and combusts. the rat then runs back under soda machine x and said soda machine explodes in eddie's face. eddie more-or-less survives. once he has recovered, eddie is taken to court and the judge decides his neglect resulted in the explosion and that he is financially responsible to the owner of soda machine x. the judge's ruling, eddie's debacle, the plight of the rat and the role of the soda machine may all be considered mepiphilous elements in this specific case.
by marc spooner November 07, 2007

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