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aw, mepham high school. It is located in the Bellmore merrick central high school district. you might of heard it on the news a few million times. thats because its the most intense school ever! like degrassi!
imma mepham pirate. eyyyyyyyyy.
by jackiebabyy<3 February 09, 2008
to commit anal rape with a broom stick and icy hot. Past tense: mephamed present tense: mephaming
If that thrug vin runs his mouth one more time i am going to mepham him.

adding on this such as i am going to get a broom stick or mepham his ass is redundant and will make you sound uneducated. just a simple "Nigga run your mouth one more time and you will find your self on the wrong end of a mepham." that alone with do.
by South Oak Sal March 18, 2008