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A thought process or statement that has such large holes in it and makes such little sense that you think the person must be joking, but they are actually serious.
John: Wow, Dan, I could use a cup of coffee.
Dan: NO! Caffeine is horrible!
John: Really?
Dan: Yeah, one time I snorted cocaine, shot up heroin, took a bottle of aspirin, and drank a cup of coffee, and I've had trouble breathing and a twitch ever since. I'll never drink coffee again!
John: Wow, Dan, that is such mendy logic!

Katie: Gosh Jess, I have this Target gift card I've been dying to use but Target closed an hour ago!
Jess: Why don't you just go to Wal-Mart? It's open 24 hours!
Katie: Wow, Jess, that's some serious mendy logic.
by chelsieangelaluis October 17, 2008
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