1. Hater capital of North America. Second only to Iraq. The place where Dr. Martin Luther King was shot, but Elvis made a god.
2. Nearly everyone is a fat, loud, ignorant, racist, broke and irritating, self-riteous fake religious, bible thumping dipshit.
3. Produces shitty music compared to the music it used to in the past. Mostly terrible hip hop, and even worse punk rock, and even worse blues.
4. Education? What education. Easier for kids to sell crack for their mom and dreams of being a pimp.
5. Too easy to get cracked out and stay that way. The only place where people from surrounding states can collect welfare and food stamps to pay the car note.
6. All of the politicians there are dumbasses. Political issues- the statue in Forrest Park, what to do with the Pyramid, keeping Libertyland open, an easier way to get barbecue sauce out of a silk shirt.
7. Beale Street. Great place to party Thursday-Sunday. If it's not raining. Or no one got shot.
8. Mosquitoes. Church after church.
9. The place that I was forced to live by my parents.
10.The place that I'll be moving back to now that I've got my gun license.
Memphis. Just Memphis, man.
by phanomymous April 04, 2006
Top Definition
1. A city located in the very southwest corner of Tennessee. Named after Memphis, Egypt because of its location on a major river. The Egyptian name means "place of good abode". It is the largest city in Tennessee and is THE OASIS OF THE ENTIRE SOUTH.

2. M.E.M.P.H.I.S. - "Making easy money pimping hoes in style". Comes from a popular tradition among the urban youth of Memphis to make acronyms of exsisting words (like Budweiser means "Bitch, you do what ever I say, even run:). This saying was NOT envented by rapper Memphis Bleek. He changed his name to Memphis Bleek after spending time in Memphis.
I she paid my car note 'cause of the M.E.M.P.H.I.S. in me.
by Memphis 10 June 17, 2005
The best place in the South (after Florida). A city that hasn't bulldozed or tried to hide its history, and has a lot of diffrent cultural events. Many great neighborhoods such as Downtown, Uptown, Southend, Overton Square, and Cooper Young. Sadly, the city has a bad reputation with some Memphians and Tennesseans because its 60% African American and some people are afraid. So instead of checking out this great city for themselves, they spend their time on the internet bashing the city. NORMAL crime rate for a metro of 1.2 million(except in car thefts which are high), Memphis City Schools are good if you actually care about your education, and leads the state in private and public investment. Americas largest urban park Shelby Farms, and a world class minor leauge baseball stadium, world class NBA arena, world class zoo, and world class museums. Luckly the number of Memphis naysayers are dropping.
Before posting negative Memphis crap, get off your computer for once, and see what city is really like!!!
by anonymous2006 March 13, 2006
1. City in southwestern Tennessee (also the largest city in Tennessee)

2. Home of Three Six Mafia (Oscar-winning), Elvis (King of Rock & Roll), (Historic) Stax Records, Orange Mound (2nd oldest black neighborhood), blues, R&B, and Beale Street.

3. Mostly all black 60% African American population.

"I live in Memphis."
by Mz.Orange.Mound.Memphis.Gal June 29, 2006
A complex city, Memphis is the richest for musical heritage yet has the number one crime rate. Memphis is the only city in America where one can be in a movie without owning a SAG card. Memphis is the bluff city and it rocks the socks off any other in the mid-south. The government is run by a crook. The highlights are amazing. It is the only city that voted democratic in the past elections in the state of Tennessee. Memphis is schizophrenic with the good and the bad.
I can never make up my mind so you might as well call me Memphis!
by razzledazzle February 21, 2005
I'm kind of fed up with stereotypical comments on Memphis. I've lived here my whole life (and I don't have a Southern accent!). Memphis is a great city, aside from humid summers. Our Zoo is rated like, highest in the nation, our downtown full of history, Lorraine Motel, Stax, Graceland, Riverboats, etc., and I have never once witnessed or been involved with crime. Why dwell on the 60% African American population? I find it funny that you call Memphis racist when all you look at is our black population. Guess what? That means 40% of other races. Why can't you just say that? I've never run into extreme racism, and I have plenty of friends of other races. For crying out loud, I have a Chinese exchange student living with me. How's that for closed-minded?
You can't judge if you've never lived in Memphis.
by MemphisFTW January 20, 2011

A term that stands for "Makin' Easy Money Pimpin' Hoes In Style."
Used in the Rocafella's rap artist's name, Memphis Bleek.
by B-Man February 02, 2004
the place where the greatest rap group that ever lived resides and that is three 6 mafia .
The Crunkest Rap Group
by Straight THug November 29, 2003
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