(adj) completely unwarranted and uncalled for; relating to or having characteristics of something that is mean due to it's uncalled for-ness
Wow. Nadia just embarrassed you in front of the whole class? That was pretty meman of her.
by The W.B. October 25, 2006
Top Definition
a narcissistic guy/girl who has a fetish for money and stealing. also plays cricket and smokes hooka
that meman guy just made a profit of $200 on those stolen car pieces and is in the bathroom doing who knows what with the money
by lulwut12 December 31, 2008

A guy who's really self centred and selfish. Never thinks about anyone but himself.

A form of 'me-man'.
A: Oh man, I asked that guy for some money for this charity and he threatened me!
B: He's not worth it. He's such a meman.
by CaptainOfTheFarm January 06, 2008
a person whose gender is indeterminate when viewed from a comfortable distance. often rotund; favors mom jeans.
Tallahassee is full of memen.
by stopcomingtomyhouse December 29, 2009
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