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When a guy tries to make a point, has no clue and loses his temper. Usually much like a Wrecks Road Scholar, he has no real grasp on the subject, rants endlessly like an old man, is insulting and surly. He usually ends with a real blow up since he has nothing left at that point. His tactics run from projection and fingerpointing (blaming others for his failures) to name-calling to cover up his stupidity. This kind of person is very lonely and has few friends. They are known for trying to hide their vital statistics and making enemies with their neighbors. They prefer to live in gated communities with high security while spitting on everybody else. They are arrogant, idiotic, biased, narrow-minded, bigoted and extremely limited in intelligence and those are their good points. The best way to deal with a Meltdown Mikey is to cross the street.
Meltdown Mikey is blowing it again.
Wow, you're smarter than that! It's not like you're Meltdown Mikey, dude.
by Mysterion December 06, 2007
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