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Began on the World of Warcraft Priest class forum when a player posted a thread asking if Shadow Priests were any good on PVP servers. The first response was "You will melt faces as a shadow priest in pvp." Hundreds of posts followed that were some variant of this original post.

The ability to "melt faces" is now being used to not only describe shadow priests in World of Warcraft, but anything that "owns" or is "elite."
You will melt faces as a shadow priest in pvp.
by Phantasmal August 21, 2005
Heavy metal or hard core music that is extremely intense and in your face.
That band plays some serious meltface.
by Abasplab August 02, 2006
This blond guy whos face appears to have melted, as if it was made of wax and spent to long on a sunbed.
shut the hell up meltface
by skiv January 28, 2005
"Melt faces" comes from the shadow priest ability "mind flay." When this ability was given to shadow priests, it was abbreviated as MF. When people asked how they died to a shadow priest (a previously weak class in World of Warcraft), they were told that shadow priests MF now. This became "melt faces", as the spell slows the target and it sounds cool.
My shadow priest can constantly melt faces in PvP.
by DoctorJL May 10, 2008
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