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(verb) (pronunciation: mel-oh) -- To kiss for a long period of time and fondle one's partner. Paying large sums of money to the partner may also be involved. Derived from the name of a certain ex-teacher.
Gary: Yo did you hear that teacher and student fucked?
Todd: Nah, dude, they just meloted.
Gary: Aww, sick. Well did he get to keep the money?
by bigdaddyballs21 September 05, 2009
pronounced muh-low. the act of fondling someones genitals, sometimes requiring you to pay a small sum of cash, like 75 dollars. Typically is used to describe a very wrong and disgusting relationship, like a teacher and a student, or Samson P Wideler and his 25 seconds of ecstasy
Teacher: I would really enjoy it if I could Melot you...
Student: i dunno, thats a lil weird
Teacher: how bout for 75 dollars?
Student: make it a hundred and we can kiss for twenty minutes
by clintakaNFLstar86 September 08, 2009