An instrument commonly used for marching bands and drum corps. Basically a trumpet that has suffered both repeated instances of anal rape and consensual anal sex, resulting in a key of F, standing for Fucked in the ass. Often referred to comically as the prison trumpet by those who play trumpet, an instrument that has been spared vicious anal sex.
I'm a mellophone player, therefore I play an instrument that has been raped by me and dozens of other men at the same time resulting in an enlarged bell.
by Teehee1324 December 25, 2011
The best god damn instrument ever. Looks like a trumpet but twice its size. I myself can play double high F with Ease now. (not the high F on staff, the high octave over F) The notes are somewhat similar to the Bb Trumpet and it is in the key of F. Most girls who play it however cannot play correctly (not sexist... its just true for the most point.)
I can whale really really high notes over the staff. My highest note so far is a triple C over the High C over staff.
by Mello player August 17, 2005

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