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A progression from the uptempo, horn-infused Dutch house style, Melbourne bounce (which also at times fuses elements of acid house and psytrance) is a descendant of the electro house umbrella with inspiring party-hardy jams, raucous horns, and goofy, fun-loving sensibilities. The squelching horns will melt your mind on at a big festival stage or on a huge system.
Robin Thicke ft. Pharrell & T.I. – “Blurred Lines (Will Sparks Remix)” Melbourne Bounce
by edm sauce November 12, 2013
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Melbourne bounce uses the progression of elements from Mákina tunes, tech-trance synths, electro house stabs and scouse house-influenced basslines from around 135-150 BPM. Artists related to this genre include: Will Sparks, The Naughty Boyz, Melbourne Bounce Project, Mark Sixma, Beat Service, Blackout Crew, Deorro and Joel Fletcher.
A good original example of the Melbourne Bounce genre: The Naughty Boyz - 9pm Till I Come (Original Mix)
by Bloodfangz February 10, 2015
the act of taking a bird home from the club while cooked and interacting in sexual intercourse put her on top make her bounce
Me: fuck I got so cooked last night

James: yeah what happened with destiny mate ?
Me: I took her home and gave her the Melbourne bounce

James: yeah nice one!
by banterbrigade September 16, 2014

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