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The prisoner dropped the soap and the inmates began to melander him
by dick August 18, 2003
a distant relative to The Hamburlger; cousin to the Turd Burgler; gay brother of Zoro

easily identified by his tendancy to wear big-ass ol' eye-glasses (non-perscription, "it's only for decoration...")
only a melander would do something as gay as that.
by big G August 18, 2003
bald-ass moby lookin' dude, who loves dudes and is very fond of getting pink socked
that fag is a total melander
by air G August 15, 2003
Tall gangly dude that has more luck getting guys than girls and yells things like "I want to cum in your butthole too!"
See "Fag"
by hahahahaha February 13, 2004
Some fag that works at a car dealership with a bunch of other fags who talk about the poon they never get.
Look at melander, he is such a homo; lets all point and laugh.
by mrhappy December 20, 2003
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