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A feeling related to self, generally selfish in nature, i.e. one of self-pity, victimization, hurt, or sadness. Similar to a guy being on his meriod or entering manopause, but lasting less in duration.
John: Dude, you gotta come out with us tonight!
Jim: Can't man. I'm having a meeling.
by Nearly Civilized May 27, 2012
A term used to describe a mans feelings.
I hurt zac's meelings when i called him a nerd.
by shuyin84 July 29, 2009
1. Experiencing a feeling that seems to be like a movie.
2. That picture perfect moment and the feeling that comes with it.
3. A movie feeling
While we were driving into the sunset I had a meeling.
by Heidi you know February 25, 2008

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