A mobility scooter, or electric wheelchair being used by an obese person for no reason other than that they are wretchedly and disgustingly overweight and terrified of physical activity.
Person A: DAAAAMN...get a load of that fatty rolling along in the meat wagon! She had the nastiest of bodies and was even eating a fried turkey leg!

Person B: Yes, I nearly threw up at the sight of that fatty in the meat wagon. She ought to be walking for exercise and not riding that mobility scooter.
by Les Miller September 29, 2007
A meat wagon is a police van, as it has contains many pigs(police).
'yo crush that blunt, here comes a meat wagon'
by dj May 23, 2004
The Caribbean word for a hearse.
I saw the meat wagon drive by, followed by police cars and motorcycles.... there must have been a funeral today.
by Boopsie_boo October 21, 2013
gay activity, what a homosexual man does in his spare time.
Look at that guy pretty sure he rides the meat wagon.
by Hubert Buckwild March 13, 2010
A young man who believes that the two greatest things in life are beating ass and pounding ass. Often times they are found frequenting the gym, sporting events, and college/ladies night at Miller's Ale House. Can be described as all brawn and no brains. Will hit on best friend's girl friends, fart at waitresses, sleep with war pigs and have no limitations to sexual debauchery.
Yo man, you just farted at that waitress. Stop being such a meat wagon!


Guy A:Dude, lets go to the gym before we go out and drink Keystone light with college girls.
Guy B: You are such a wagon.
by J303 February 12, 2008
Police van, vehicle to carry alot of police.
"Shit, theres a meat wagon round the corner!"
by Jason May 24, 2003
A slew of overweight, underaged dirtbags often accompanied by flannel.
I certainly hope the Meat Wagon doesn't show up to Deto's Halloween Party.


Don't tell the Meat Wagon about Katina's super secret slumber party.
by Aluminium November 03, 2008

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