A pole made out of meat.
i eat meatpole(s). yum?
by SabrinaIsBeanie September 12, 2010
Top Definition
Another slang for the male private part, PENIS.
DANG MAN, all these shones think they can handle a MAN like me, but when i WHACK OUT THIS HARD MEATPOLE they get nervous.
by notsag December 10, 2007
Male cock usually 8-12 inches in length and 2 inches wide. (predominantly black)
Dude Jade rode that meat pole like fuckin sea biscuit
by get the fuck outta my grill February 21, 2005
a cock usually 8-12 inches in length. (mostly black)
that slut was riding that meat pole like an all-star
by BJ February 20, 2005

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