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The "Lamb" in Meatball Lamb, stands for Lamborghini. Meatball describes the brown complextion of the Lamborghini.

Made popular by Yung L.A. track "36 O's"

-Swagg Like Damn (Wat It Is)
Straight Drop Yams (Wat It Is)
Pockets On Ham (Wat It Is)
!!!!!!Meatball Lamb!!!!! (Ok)

Yung L.A.:
Pull Up 08 !!!!!Meatball Lamb!!!!!!!
Offsets Inside Sunset Tan
Big Stupid Bank Rolls Pockets On Ham...
Yung L.A. Got Dem Hoes Like God Damn
fat kid- shit, look at that meatball lamb, that shit looks good

his buddy- "you fat fuck, always thinkin bout meatballs!"

fat kid- " no silly, look at that brown lamborghini behind you"

his buddy- " Damn that meatball lamborhini looks so exotic"

fat kid - " mmm now that you mentioned it, lets eat some meat balls"

his buddy- " you fat fuck"

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