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The female sex organ.
That meat wrench was so soggy it couldn't even get my nuts off.

Synonyms: snatch, axe-wound, twat, cunt, vag (vagina), slot, bearded clam, box, gash, pussy, muff, beaver, minge
by Matthewington March 24, 2008
76 26
1) The male sex organ
2) Third eye, cock, penis, dick, Johnson, shotgun, BONE
3) Clinton's weapon of choice
1) Boy: Hey suzie! look at this!
Girl: what is that? its so tiny!
Boy: its my meat wrench! wanna see what it can do?
2)Snoop Dogg whipped out his meat wrench
3)I say lop off his meat wrench and be done with it
by CanUHearMeNow408 May 02, 2003
3 39