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A measure of one's true spirit and merit, according to the old code.
The game is played by two men, charging at eachother with erect penises at the ready, making galloping sounds.
They clash mightily, as the onlookers cheer.
Should one fall, such as slipping on a puddle of precum, a point is scored.
Should both opponents fall, they are to honorably engage in a standing match of swordplay.
"M'Lord, it is considered bad play to engage in meat jousting on an unsuspecting opponent."

"Man, I'm bored. Let's do some meat jousting."

"No, Shannon Kilmer and Matt Isbell are unavailable right now, as they are currently enganged in an invigorating bout of meat jousing."
The act of two men jousting with their penises.
Zach and Travis had a blast meat jousting the other night.
by G+money September 17, 2014
Homosexual Male Sex
Shannon and Karl were Meat Jousting in room 512 in Drew Hall all night.
by paul March 14, 2004
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