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when you are kissing on a girl and take her hand and put it on your meat to gauge her reaction. if she starts rubbing its time to take your pants off. if she's like ewww you gotta pull some stank shit like "woah what are you doing. your nasty."
man 1: man i couldn't stand jodi's man face kissing on me last night so i meat checked her and got some brains
man 2: ewww i wouldn't hit that with a 10 ft pole
by my pies are piff December 31, 2005
When one person holds a clenched fist and throws it towards another man's balls. This hurts like hell so do it to your friends but don't let them do it to you.
The other day I meat checked Jeffrey so hard that he fell over in the street and got run over by a car.
by ben and dean June 01, 2006
a review-point in a process whereby a human seeks errors to correct, as opposed to an automated review-point. see also: meat-space.
the widgets were being built within tolerances, so none of the alarms went off, but george noticed at the meat check stage that there was a hole in the conveyor belt and the products were falling onto the floor.
by fungchehwuchi April 23, 2015
when you get hit in the groin by your friend when you're not expecting it. It's the worst pain you could feel in your life.
friend 1: dude I just my got my drivers licence two days ago. This is awesome! friend 2: MEATCHECK! *strikes friend in the groin*
by Da Lazy Gamer July 15, 2009
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