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just a cool guy
hey thats guys cool like meanbean
by anonymous August 01, 2003
4 2
1. n. A childish way of name calling denoting someone who is considered by the speaker to be mean.
2. n. A bean which gives you gas/ upsets your stomach.
3. n. The sharp bean in a beanbag.
Billy: ha ha ha! *steals lollipop from baby*
baby: waaaaaaaaaaaah!
Suzy: golly, Billy, you are such a mean bean!

guy #1: *makes constipated face*
guy #2: "what's your problem, man?"
guy #1: "dude, those damn blackbeans in my taco are real mean beans!

boyfriend: "hey, girl, lets makeout" *sits on beanbag* "sh*t, oh Ow! wtf?"
girfriend: "Sam, what's wrong?"
boyfriend: "oh, I just sat on a mean bean!"
by moomop May 26, 2011
7 11