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derogatory from the phrase 'me neither'; a shorting of the expression which came about after an overly keen lily, replied 'me nee!' in response to a comment by amee and consequently an in joke was formed as is often the case when mistakes are made within the friendship of these two.
in agreement with a friend when in a hyper and perhaps rushed situation 'me nee!' would be loudly exclaimed.
by Lily Austin March 23, 2007
1.) A naked french tapestry pose.

2.) An eloquently designed necktie.

3.) A shy animal that is unleashed only on the most desireable of hunters.

4.) An emotion of questionable sanity mixed with unexplored regions of depth and inquisitry.
I wore my Menee today to a art show in Paris, little did I know they would have a perfect 1764 replica Menee on display, it was breathtaking. Then my peripherals picked up a flighty Menee streaking across the heavens and wondered, am I Menee...
by HomegrownD February 05, 2010
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