Mader than mad. Wicked mad, hella mad, or mad mad. Used when the madness of something is so great that the word "mad" simply cannot describe its utter madness.
-Ah shawt mazad craka's last naght, G!

-She's mad hot!
-You gay, dude? Fuck you, she's MAZAD HAZOT!!!

-Jaya smokes mazad weed. So much that her heart may explode at any second.
-Shit, man, I know but so do I.
by BlackMarket May 29, 2005
Wicked Mad, hella mad, or mad mad.
-Man, I'm mad bored right now, son!
-Well shit, I'm mazad bored so fuck you!

-Are you done with the test?
-Bitch, I'm mazad done.
by BlackMarket May 26, 2005
Mader than mad. Mad mad, wicked mad, or hella mad. Used when something is so mad that the word "mad" cannot describe its true madness.
-Ah shawt mazad craka's last naht!

-Dude, she's mad fine!
-Fuck you, man! You gay? She's mazad fine, bitch!!!
by BlackMarket May 28, 2005

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