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cheap shot, sucker punch, having no class, dirty, an unnecessarily aggressive and unfair attack directed at a defenseless person
dang homie, you just got "mayweathered"
by lile broadway September 17, 2011
When things happen without being prepared for it; not looking; not paying attention; didn't see it coming.
Always keep an eye, you don't wanna get mayweathered just like Ortiz!
by Kobe2010 September 18, 2011
When the choice is made to hug rather than fight.
Friend: Dude you almost got your ass kicked. Good thing you totally Mayweathered him.
You: yeah I lucked out we are going out for dinner later now.
by PixelPal May 03, 2015
If you experience something in life that is a staggering disappointment and severely underwhelming even though there was an excessive promise of greatness, you've been mayweathered.
Bob: I went to the greatest steak restaurant in the history of man and spent $3000.00 on an overcooked and dry steak!
Joe: Dude, you got mayweathered!
by splitbeansoup May 11, 2015
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