(I was just about to put the same definition!! Who are you, Mayra?)
The singlehandedly most attractive girl in high school. There is no guy who can't stop looking at her. But these guys don't wanna bang her like a rag doll. This Mayra manages to be so perfect, that every guy respects her just from looking at her perfection.
Holy shit, Mayra is so perfect that I didn't even need to get an erection!
by Balano May 03, 2003
Top Definition
she is so tempting, sweet, honest, natural, intelligent, and bbbeeaauuttiiffuulllll!!!!!
when I see her my heart beats really fast as if I was going to drop dead. Her name rushes through my head like when the most money in the world. That girl was perfectly made in the most astounding way.
by Anthony February 27, 2004
pretty,smart,strange,and she speaks anthing that is on her mind
Though Mayra said she would makeout with a girl is she was hot i still swoon when she passes by.
by TURKEY-LIZARD March 26, 2004
a smart, beautiful, loving person!
She can act like a Mayra.
by Mayra April 22, 2003
Mayra's are usually breathe-taking and have an incredible sense of style. They usually make really good friends and are really original. They have good sense of music, and make people smile uncontrollably. They commonly make boys choke on their words, and make girls jealous of their charm. Most have gorgeous hair, and unbelievably beautiful faces that resemble angels.
Oh my gosh, I think I'm in Love." "That's the work of a Mayra.
by loverofmayra;) December 12, 2010
the most beautiful girl in the world she is sooooooo fucking hot i wanna bang her she has the hottest body
damn mayra u looking hot
by Abelo April 05, 2005
grul so hot makes a nigga want to cry so good t o others and got mad game
by Anonymous October 24, 2003
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