To spoil or ruin by foolishly attempting to be a maverick.
Sarah Palin wants to get all mavericky on America.
#maverick #mavericky #vp #sarah palin #vice president #2008 presidential elections #john mccain
by escape123 October 09, 2008
Top Definition
An adjective used to describe an action that may not make any sense, but is definitely different.
John McCain, realizing he was down in the polls, needed to do something mavericky so he refused to participate in the first presidential debate.
#maverick #debate #mccain #obama #stupid
by kemlab101 September 24, 2008
Adjective. A description of someone who portrays themselves as an independent thinker, an outsider, when they actually act independently of facts to maintain the status quo.
You: She comes off as an approachable, independent person but I don't think she's stated a single fact.

Me: Yeah, she's real mavericky, makes me want to agree with her just to see the damage she'll do.
#politician #maverick #joe sixpack #hockey mom #liar
by TheMultinational October 10, 2008
A bold, defiant action. Depending on the situation, maverickiness can seem like a desperate ploy that wreaks of inauthentic desperation. Associated with Republican presidential candidate John McCain and his equally mavericky running mate Sarah Palin
"What! There is an economic crisis. It is time to get mavericky in this bitch."
#mccain #palin #mavericks #election #moose
by Satisfaction October 20, 2008
The action of applying maverick-like principles.
John McCain and I arn't afraid to get mavericky!
~Sarah Palin
#maverick #john mccain #sarah palin #top gun #republican
by ThEgHoStWhIsPeReR October 09, 2008
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