Top Definition
An accentuated way to say much.
from the Bill Cosby Show "Thank you very MAUCH!"
from Borat "Thank you very MAUCH!"
by rhea of sunshine August 28, 2007
Creature that resides in cold areas usually near waterfalls..... A mauch has evil magic powers. Usually walks on all four legs
Oh shit look at that mauch over by that water fall,,, we gotta get out offffff hereeee.
by analcherry March 13, 2010
a person who likes to have sex with sea lions
by Anonymous February 18, 2003
This is an ugly creature that tends to sit in one spot generally around the color red. They smell like they have no hygiene or social skills. Rough horselike hair bangled in a nappy mane. Commits haneous sex acts
That sick ass Mauch is staring at me creepily
by sdersh March 09, 2009
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