One of the sweetest guys you will ever encounter.

When you meet him it's hard not to be instantly taken in by his goofy charm and contagious, genuine smile. He is a loyal friend is always there to listen. He gives perfect hugs and will do his best to cheer you up. Matty is incredibly patient. He is always friendly, always up for fun and honest. He is one of the last real men left on this earth. He knows how to treat a girl right, and will surpass even the highest expectations if she treats him right too.

Matty's make great friends and perfect boyfriends.

They're sweethearts who know how to be guys' guys and still sweet to their girls.
We should go ask Matty to come along, he makes everything more fun.
by zooface2 May 02, 2011
one who enjoys dick
matty likes dick
by myshh October 25, 2011
Another term New Yorkers use for anal sex.
I had a nice matty the other night.
by New Yorker lol November 10, 2011
Matty is a gorgeous biker (a rigid BMX mothafucka) who never fails in making you smile. He wears awesome tee shirts and shoes, and he's always looking cute, even with bedhead hair. He likes to draw random things and he gets you in the habit of saying random words like 'yeee' on msn. You can tell he's a softy, beyond his spifffy appearance and pierced lip.
He's a hardcore dude, but you'll end up telling him you love him. Because, he'll be a bestfriend.
Did you see Matty today?
Yeah, he's looking saweeeeet.
We should ask him for a threeesome. (LOL)
by Miss Canadian. November 09, 2009
n. A mixed drink consisting of one part Natural Light and one part MD 20/20.
Dude #1:"Man we're drinking Matty's tonight"
Dude #2:"Awful!"
Dude #1:"Yeah, but it'll get ya drunk!"
by James of FP7 November 12, 2006
a male that is very cute, loveable, sesnitive, and funny. his favorite foods are pizza, tacos, and chicken. he is the most kindhearted soul you will ever meet.
Kate: hey whose that guy over there?

Mehgan: oh thats matty! hes a Smart ass but lovable at the same time! hes one in a million

Kate: i wish i had a matty

Mehgan: sorry girl, hes all mine.
by XOClaireXO March 30, 2011
Simply the most over-used and cliche name in England. Practically everyone is called it. Most of the thumbs down for this will be from people called Matty.
Yo Matty!
by bacterfsf September 17, 2010

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