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1. (noun) A girl who has sex so often, whether with the same partner (nympho), or many different ones(slut), that her back seems to be constantly on a mattress.
2. a condition derived by a girl who engages in said activities.
1. "That girl is a mattress back if I ever saw one."
2. "You're gonna get mattress back if you keep sleeping around like that."
When a woman does not get off her back. Constantly has sex.
Marie fucks everyone. She's a mattress back
by Fingers9705 October 18, 2008
A slang term for a prostitute,; a woman who makes a living on her back.
A mattressback spends as much time as possible on her back, making money.
by shomesomethin July 12, 2010
A fireman who sleeps on the job. Policemen frequently refer to firemen as "mattressbacks"
We here at the copshot work twice as hard as those lazy mattressbacks over at the fire station.
by Toddisgreat January 21, 2010

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