Sexiest man alive... ever... EVER
Matt Tuck is the sexiest man alive
by jordan and jake June 14, 2008
Top Definition
lead singer of welsh metalcore band bullet for my valentine and the worlds sexiest man alive..
matt tuck should win an award for being that hot- or atleast get arrested or some shit, because he's too good looking- especially when he's in the rain...
matt tuck is welsh. matt tuck is cool.
you don't like it? suck meh dong you donkeys!
matt tuck will eat you alive... hahahahahahaha!

Ned; That Band's Pish & Their Singer Is Boggin' Looking.

Me; Haw You Ya Greasy Bawbag- You Touch Matt Tuck & I'll Smack Yo' About Like Tommy & Pam x100!!!! *headbutts* Aye- Ya Spoon, Do Not Mess With The Almighty Force That Is Tuck-Quan-Doe... *bows*
by taylorrrrrr______matttuck<3 April 07, 2008
The lead singer of Bullet For My Valentine, he is a BABE with the most GORGEOUS eyes, EVER.
Actually, babe is an understatement!

Gah, I love him so much! :)
by L-DcanGoAndDie March 26, 2011
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