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An asian scooter kid who can whip at speeds reaching 150MPH, if ones ankle is to be caught on the whip it would probably be torn out of its sockets and thrown across the ground.

13 year old scooter boy ( born 1996 jan 7 ) who has a friend sydian ( look him up ) .
scooters down school hill reaching an unbelievable speed of 100mph, takes off a roof of a passing car and soars threw the air in slow motion. landing in a group of gypsies killing close to half of them. still flying down the hill covered in blood and smiling a smile larger then krillen's own streak he jumps off a hobos lunch box knocking it into a pit of toxic waste and lands in the gibsons harbor, he rises out of the water to find himself surrounded by a number of attractive teen aged girls. matt shoji

oh yeah
by matt shoji July 28, 2009
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