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1. A term that encompasses most all modern progressive rock or metal that places emphasis on time signature modulation and meter as opposed to dynamics, melody, or harmony. "Math rock/metal" encompasses everything from the jazzier leanings of post rock act Slint, to the phrase swapping and odd meters of the Dillinger Escape Plan, and even the hemiola and polyrhythm experiments of bands like Meshuggah and Tool.

2. A term often falsely described as "intelligent music" by people who simply regurgitate what they are told and apparently have no idea how to count.
Math rock/metal requires concentration.
by Sommy July 09, 2004

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hemiola polyrhythm
A type of Progressive rock or metal. The "math" part of the name comes from the intricate polyrhythms and time signatures. Bands include: Messhugah, Opeth, Tool
"Holy crap, this band Messhugah is the epitome of math metal! Almost every one of their songs is in 23/16 meter."
by Devin April 03, 2004