Ranging in the deepest recess of the intersnatch. Possibly the most elusive forum know to the internet/tech geek. The place know as Mastabeta is not listed in many search engines.

An outpost and haven for the internet’s most silly, abstract and overtly genius people, Mastabeta is home to few members, but it’s about quality not quantity. It’s also home to a spectrum of tech site mods and admins. Few of which would reveal their identity.

Even though it has about ~500 members CURENTLY registered it’s still extremely active. Unlike GenMay, MB is suited for a much more personal level of interaction. Since there are so few members the ones that do post regularly are quite familiar with each other and know each other’s taste in humor. This, in tern, helps create a much more enjoyable and down right hilarious forum experience.

The policy on “n00bs” is pretty lenient. You’re accepted as long as you don’t try to hard to be some sort of hardass Digital Gangster.
the first rule of Mastabeta is you dont talk about Mastabeta.
Top Definition
The best place to hang out on the intarweb for spamming, pr0n, acting st00pid in general and to get BAND!!!1112 and plus we're a bazillion times better better than teh c0ck-sucking, gay orgy-loving fagg0ts over at GenGay
Mastabeta r0x0rs j00r b0x0rs!
by Gen[G]ay sucks hard January 30, 2004
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