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If somebody has got 'gill' with another person, it is because they are annoyed or upset with them. 'Massive gill' is a superlative of 'gill'. Two people who have 'massive gill' are often arguing and generally do not get on. The term is often said by a third person listening into the conversation and said in a comedic tone.
Bob ''chris is fat''
Chris ''ur a retard''
Nick ''ooh massive gill''
by rob hirons November 12, 2007
Two people that have got 'Gill' with each other, for some reason or another are angry or annoyed with each other, often resulting from a disagreement. Normally said by a third party listening in on the argument, in a comedic tone.
''Massive Gill'' is an extreme version of ''Gill''
Bob: ''chris is fat''
Chris: ''ur a retard''
nick: ''ooh massive gill''

p.s grange likes old men
by rob hirons, nick billinge November 01, 2007