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1. Displays of aggression, dissatisfaction, anger to a mass online audience such as facebook status, twitter, plaxo, linked-in, IM status (choogle, yahoo, AIM), etc. with the intention of targeting a individual or small group who are known to be connected and receive these messages.

2. Exchanging or dealing insults, epithets, or derogatory terms at an individual through a mass communication or online community.

3. Mini-flame or rant carried out in a public online community, forum, blog, or email-list using sarcasm or other passive-aggressive behaviors.

1. Jill had a massive aggressive post that read "(name) is happy that some people don't try to steal her boyfriend"

2. Jane was being massive aggressive toward you after your break up by setting her facebook status to say "(name) is done dating total tools"

3. Dood, is Tony being massive aggressive or what? He wrote "(name) is spending time with friends who don't flake out on plans all the time." facebook.
by sweet dickie September 03, 2008
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