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Massie Block is a character in the Clique Novels by Lisi Harrison. She is a wealthy "prep" in Westchester,New York. She's the head of The Pretty Committee which is the Popular clique at OCD,her private all girls school. She is currently dating Deririck Harrington or Derrington as she calls him. He's the most popular boy at Briarwood,OCDs sister school. Massie is the girl everyone loves to hate and wants to be. She wears only high end designers and always has perfect hair and flawless make-up. She has 4 besties:Alica,Dylan,Kristen and Claire. She helped transform Claire from Flordia tourist to Westchester Chic. She is know for her clever comebacks and cool words like "AH-MAZING" and "Emagawd". She is basiclly the next Paris Hilton except well she's fictional.
Excerpt about Massie Block from the Clique book "Dial L for Loser":
"The kitten heels on Massie's metallic slides echoed against the metal steps as she climbed towards th belly of the Gelding 7 jet.
"Girls hurry up!" Judi Lyons poked her head out of the plane's doorway and lifteda bottle of Perrier to her thin lips. "Claire it's nicer than the hotel we stayed in when the roof was leaking."
"Really?" Claire squeezed past Massie and hurried up the narrow steps. She was wearing what looked like a pair of green doctor's scrubs,a faded yellow long-sleeved tee and her black-and-white Keds,even though they didn't match.
"No way!"she shouted when she climed aboard "You guys have to see this!"
"Lame," Massie muttered to Alica,who was a few steps behind her."Who do the Lyones have to act so impressed with everything? It makes them sound so un-rich."Point,"Alica panted
by Massielookalike February 25, 2007
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One of the main characters in the popular tween girl books, The Clique Series, by Lisi Harrison. Massie Block is the "alpha", or first-in-command of the girls' clique, The Pretty Committee. She is pretty, with glossy brown hair and amber eyes, but mostly known for her attitude and schemes to get herself (and her clique) more popular. She's rich, like the other members of the Pretty Committee (exluding 2, Claire Lyons and Kristin Gregory), and stylish.
As stated on the back of the first book, Massie knows you'd give anything to be just like her.
Girl: I wish I could be Massie Block!
Girl 2: Me too! She's rich, popular, and pretty!
Both Girls: YIPPEE!
by Ann O'Nonymous June 27, 2008
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