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A movement where one rotates one's upper body in a circular fashion, whilst saying 'hello hello' in a funny accent (whichever you prefer, usually indian), followed by a 3 count countdown when at the end you say 'goodbye' in the same accent, and falling upon a surface face down with arms underneath. The countdown in not appliciable when there are no usable surfaces nearby (as in tables/chairs/desks).

Used in situations one greatly dislikes, or to provide a distraction if nescissary. (see mass fat)
*person was waiting for the bus for an hour*

person: Dammit this calls for a mass rotation.

*initiates mass rotation*

person: Hello hello, hello hello, hello hello, hello hello, goodbye.

person: That feels better.
by BAM! and the dirt is gone! October 14, 2007
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