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awesome music that combines two popular or two unpopular songs into one, creating a completely new, more interesting song.
So Sick of Rylynn featured at mashupsongs . org
by jumpingpeanuts September 04, 2010
a mash-up is slang for a get together of similarly minded people so that they might partake in the consumption of drugs and/or alcohol. people on a mash-up get mashed.
mash-ups usually take place at night, but usually go on well in to the morning of the following day (they tend to wind down when the alcohol/drugs run out). unlike a cotch, mash-ups can take place anywhere, in or outside.
H: YOOOOO MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN, on for a phat mash-up tonight?

M: YEAAAAAAAH BLID, let me ring fattypants whitworth and the filthy pikey, see what they's sayin'

H: bring some shroooms blud

M: wouldn't be a mash-up without them
by mr 9" September 03, 2007
To make a hot drink
your going to ''mash up''
''I'm going to mash up, do you want a coffee''
by Twitchyxx8 July 23, 2009
Getting drunk, then high, then awesomely stupid for a period of indeterminable length, but generally must last at least an evening plus all night and some of the morning. Mash-up heads will take anything to increase the length of time to talk nonsense. Evening ends with possible bed wetting episode or discussion about love/drugs/energy/music. Pizza is often ordered the next day.
-Me gonna get mmmmmmmmmmmash-up.

-"Is that Tom over there fucking up his mixes, he sure is a shit deejay."
"Cut him some slack, he is mash-up."

-Look, its my day off tomorrow and I wanna get totally mash-up.

-"Mash up, get me crack up, on the rack up, shut up and smack up, on a track up" Apocryphal song attributed to someone who is mash-up creating a new and awesome track.

-You look mash-up.

-Mum, I got fuckin mash up last night.
by Sunrise Soup May 15, 2010
(of a DJ) to play a set that excites the crowd
That was mash up me bredrin!
by piffy June 12, 2003
"A mash up". Someone who is insane, crazy, or just not quite there.
That fool over there, he's a mash up.
by jduk23 December 28, 2007
to be heavily intoxicated, with whatever. Also a noun, and a goal
"bruv i is mashup."
"look, its lil mashup kid!"
"Right, i got a o an a crate, let's get mashup."
"You mashup."
by grief March 15, 2004